Our design studio specialises in creative and artistic projects across several mediums, but unit3 is first and foremost a team of Liverpool architects who believe that beautiful, innovative, and functional building design is an essential part of the human experience.


Who We Are

unit3 architects liverpoolunit3 is a talented, design-oriented team of Liverpool architects with infectious enthusiasm about the possibilities and powers of architectural design. We believe that the right design, whether it is residential or commercial, inspires the people who live and work within it, that innovative design enhances creativity and critical thinking, and that atmosphere is as important as function.

A building is an extension of those who live and work in it – it needs to allow them to go through their daily lives, flow from one room and activity to the next, and create a comforting or stimulating environment to spend time in each day. Our design studio believes that what surrounds us, defines us. This philosophy is reflected in everything that we do, from consulting with clients to generating ideas and creating models.

With 25 years of experience in architectural design, our award-winning and fully accredited ARB and RIBA designers have expertise with a wide range of building projects, design aesthetics, materials, technologies, and financial parameters.

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What We Do

Architecture is a rare breed – it utilises art and aesthetics to create a particular atmosphere or feeling, but harmoniously combines this with the maths and physics necessary to produce a durable and functional end result. Our Liverpool architects strive to produce coherent and elegant designs that are tailored to the needs and desires of our diverse clientele. We work on a wide variety of projects that range from large new commercial buildings to small home extensions and conservation of historical buildings.

In creating designs, we aim to embody the new, the undiscovered, and the untraditional. We strive to break the mould instead of reiterating the same tired designs that blend in with every other building on the street. Although we’ve mastered the favourites of homey rustic, sophisticated contemporary, and crafted traditional aesthetics, we are especially adept at crossovers. We love incorporating modern or innovative features into traditional designs or inserting classical elements within contemporary projects, always with our clients’ needs and wants in mind. Ultimately, our clients are at the heart of everything we do.

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Our Experience

With projects as diverse as the National Football Museum, the Baltic Film Studio, and numerous residential clients, unit3 has extensive experience across an eclectic range of architectural styles. Our team of Liverpool architects have designed apartments, houses, offices, retail buildings, health care centres, religious buildings, museums, schools from primary school to university, and veterinary offices. In addition, we specialize in landscape design, interior design, graphic design, art, and more. Whatever building project you have in mind, we can provide the designs.


Our Process

Whether you’re thinking about constructing a school, starting a new business, or adding an extension to your home, building projects are a huge undertaking. With substantial demands on both time and money, it is imperative that the end result is exactly what you need it to be. With careful, precise planning and open communication, even the most complex of projects is possible. Our Liverpool architects will help ensure your project is successfully delivered on time and to budget.


  • The Project Brief – The unit3 process always begins with a face-to-face meeting. We provide a free, at-home, office, or project site consultation with a Liverpool architect to talk about our clients’ needs, wants, and dreams. This initial conversation is imperative to creating a product that meets all requirements. We call this the Project Brief. During the Project Brief, we listen intently to a client’s goals, parse out a few of the specifications, talk about aesthetic, and collectively generate ideas to get our designers going. After a consultation, clients are in no way obligated to hire our services – hopefully by the end of the meeting, it will become clear whether the partnership will work. From the moment clients hire unit3, they become an integral part of our team.
  • The Details – The next step is assessing the project site and talking about a few of the possible constraints of the project including size, finances, time, location, and materials. Open communication about expectations and potential difficulties between our design team and our clients is paramount to reaching mutually agreed upon and satisfactory decisions. When analysing the specifics and realities of the project, we always keep our eye on its overall aesthetic and coherency. Delivering the best possible product within the given parameters remains our top priority. During this time, we can guide you through the arduous process of obtaining permits, researching legal requirements, and understanding building control.
  • The Designs – After gathering all of the necessary information, our designers retreat to the ideas lab, a space devoted to inspiring creativity, exploring concepts, testing out theories, and reworking designs until the perfect design has been created. Words can only go so far to describe a space. Our Liverpool architects use a variety of models and drawings to simulate the look and feel of the end product. We start out by drafting several hand-drawn designs, presenting a number of options to our clients in order to give them a better idea of what they love, what they like, and what they would rather do without. We then create small-scale models and use 3D objects to help clients visualize the building. As self-affirmed perfectionists, we sometimes go through multiple designs until the right one comes along.
  • The Cost Analysis – Once our client has chosen a design or a few designs that they love, we help to perform a cost analysis of the project, taking materials, time, and building costs into consideration. Often, clients prefer to get a cost analysis for a number of possible designs to find one that fits within their economic parameters.

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Special Considerations

  • Sustainability – Our design architects are experienced at sustainable designing. If you’re committed to a green project, we can recommend the latest sustainable materials and cutting-edge technologies to conserve energy and water, leaving as little of a mark on the earth as possible.
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) – If you require BIM for your project, we can create a software-generated, fully integrated, model of the project using the popular program Autodesk Revit.


Contact Us

Ready to start building? Contact us for a free consultation at your home, office, or project site with a unit3 architect.

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