unit3 can produce a variety of architectural 3D renderings, CGI visualisations, artists impressions, illustrations and 3D floor plans which can instantly help explain a scheme or project to clients and be used on a variety of different marketing materials.

They are particularly useful for estate agents, homeowners and property developers to help market their schemes to potential buyers and visualise what the final result will look like.



We generally offer a three tiered service to clients to choose from;

LEVEL 1 – A basic rendering produced very quickly and cost effectively with minimal detail but still capturing the essence of the scheme. Recommended for client feasibility reports and sketch schemes.

LEVEL 2 – An enhanced visual whereby the basic model is developed further using sketch techniques, lighting tools and photoshop. Recommended for homeowners and commercial clients.

LEVEL 3 – Photorealistic images that are of the highest quality and definition. These images take the longest to produce and are the most costly, however they are the best representation of how your scheme will look when completed. Recommended particularly for property developers and estate agents.



Upon receipt of your enquiry, we will provide a bespoke quote for your specific requirements. Our prices are very competitive and vary depending on the type and complexity of your project – some graphics are quicker to produce than others, therefore we will give you our best price and tailor your quote on the size of the project, your requirements and the level of graphic you would like.



Producing an eye catching and inspiring image is a complex process involving the right angle for the image, colours, lighting, context and textures. We recognise that you may have a ‘picture’ in mind you want to achieve that we may not get first time. Therefore we will undertake as many changes as required until we get your image just right.  We can usually turn around graphics in less than a week, this however depends on the complexity of the project, the level of graphic you would like and the quantity of images required.

We will supply your image(s) electronically in any format you require and can also supply hard copies / prints / cds upon request.



Here are a few examples of each render type we can produce:


Garston House ExtensionGarston House ExtensionGarston House Extension Garston House Extension





Model v2 2014-01-17 17313100000 Model v2 2014-01-17 17522100000 Model v2 2014-01-17 17592200000 Model v2 2014-01-17 18055100000







We can also now offer our clients a range of 3D fly-through video options which are particularly useful if you have large consultation meetings or presentations.

To generate a video we do need a 3D model to work from (Sketchup, Revit etc), which if you dont already have, we can build for you.  Once a model is made, it is easy to generate both images and videos, so we would happily discuss creating a combined package of both media types.

Click below to see a short video we created for our school ECO_BOX project launched in 2013:

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