In 2014, unit3 completed a rural project in Utkinton, approx 25 miles from Chester, where the client appointed a design team to completely redesign the internal layout and external appearance of a tired 1950’s bungalow.

The bungalow was originally designed and built along with an adjacent residential estate, however little consideration was given to the internal configuration and position of windows which ignored the fantastic eastern views over the the Cheshire countryside.

The client had always felt that the construction was very brutal and utilitarian given the quaint village feel of the area and was keen to soften the appearance of the family home – utilising natural, organic colours and complimentary materials when possible to tie in with the agricultural setting. We proposed an off-white lime render and ship-lap cladding board that would provide distinction between the architectural elements, but also appear as a united collection of elements.

We worked closely with the family to develop an internal layout that would provide a natural flow between the spaces, whilst also providing privacy and separation when required. The client was also keen to look at including a new bedroom in the large loft space that had only ever been used for storage – again utilising the views across the fields. The new plan successfully provides large open plan spaces with less winding corridors and inefficient circulation spaces.


bungalow conversion

bungalow conversion – prior to start




bungalow conversion


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Artists Impression





bungalow conversion


Untitled_Panorama1 (1)

bungalow conversion June / July 2014

bungalow conversion June / July 2014


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