We are currently undertaking one of our most interesting,  complex and challenging projects to date – an extension and remodeling of a Grade II residential property – Pilgrim’s Cottage in Hailes, Winchcombe. The property is adjacent to the historical Hailes Abbey and forms part of a complex of farmhouse buildings constructed in the 18th Century, known previously as Hailes Fruit Farmhouse.


The complex as a whole is a designated heritage asset for its special architectural & historic interest and as such is named on the National Heritage List for England. A number of alterations to the complex during the early 19th and 20th centuries have resulted in the subdivision of the old farmhouse to form three attached dwellings. These dwellings were subsequently renamed as Pilgrim’s House, Pilgrim’s Cottage and Hailes Green Cottage.

The proposal aims to largely retain the existing footprint of the house but replace the old conservatory with a new extension of higher quality and more energy efficient construction. A re organisation of the ground floor will rationalise the living accommodation and centralise the kitchen in the plan.


The project involves a number of different permissions, consents and approvals including:

– Listed Building Consent

– Conservation Principles

– Ancient Monument Consent

– Heritage Impact Assessment

– Consultations with English Heritage

– Archaeological Impact Assessment


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