We are please to announce that unit3 are now accredited to undertake work on listed buildings and within conservation areas as part of the Prescot Townscape Heritage Initiative

conservation area architectsAppointing specialist professionals when purchasing, converting or extending listed buildings and undertaking works within conservation areas is essential and can save you both time, money and avoid any legal complications or disputes with the local authority.

Our architects have been carrying out works on listed building / buildings within conservation areas for over 10 years and we can advise clients on cost-effective and well designed solutions to any and all problems you may encounter. Having already completed a number of existing projects in this field of design, we have gained valuable experience and knowledge of conservation and listed buildings that we can assist you with.

We provide numerous services including:

  • Carrying out detailed asset surveys of existing buildings
  • Obtaining any consents required – such as Listed Building Consent, planning permission and Building Regulations approvals
  • Writing detailed ‘specifications’ explaining to builders what materials should be used and the workmanship standards required
  • Produced detailed ‘schedules of work’ to explain to builders the step by step process that should be undertaken on the project
  • Helping clients to find suitable builders / specialist contractors to carry out the works
  • Tendering the works and obtaining competitive prices for review by the client
  • Advising on suitable building work contracts that should be used on the project
  • Inspecting the works and administering the building contract on behalf of the client

More details on the Prescot THI can be found on the council website



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