Lawful Development Certificates

If you want to be certain that the existing use of an existing building is lawful (in the eyes of planning) or that your new proposal does not require planning permission (should it for example fall under ‘Permitted Development’), you can apply for a ‘Lawful Development Certificate’ (LDC). It is not compulsory to have an LDC but there may be times when you need one to confirm that the use, operation or activity named in it is lawful for planning purposes.

This is not the same as planning permission but is proof that your household building work is lawful and is well worth considering even if you are sure your project is permitted development. If you should later want to sell your property an LDC may be helpful to answer queries raised by potential buyers or their legal representatives. As such, it is important that all paperwork and records relating to your property are clear and up to date.

We can help homeowners, commercial property developers and landlords gain LDC’s and provide the necessary survey and drawn plans, elevations and site context plan required as part of the LDC application. |