Is your project complying with the new Construction (Design & Management) Regulations that came into force April 2015?

ALL projects (including domestic) whenever they were started are now subject to the new Regulations and one of the key changes is the removal of the CDM Coordinator and the introduction of the new role of Principal Designer. The Principal Designer must be a designer, and can only be someone who prepares or modifies a design – such as an architect.

unit3 design studio are one of Liverpool’s practices that have in-house architects with the skills, knowledge, experience and capability necessary for the delivery of the role of the CDM Principle Designer as described in the 2015 Regulations and can assist all types of clients across the North West in ensuring the CDM regulations are carried out professionally, effectively and appropriately.

We can work with you in a dual role as both lead architects and CDM Principal Designers on projects beginning at inception, or can be appointed at a later stage of the design as sub-consultants.


CDM 2015 Explained.pdf


If your project has commenced and a CDM-C has been appointed then you as the Client must appoint a Principal Designer as soon as practicable, but no later than the 6th October 2015. Failure to do so by this date will be subject to transitional duties as noted in schedule 4 of the new Regulations. If your project has begun and no CDM-C has been appointed, again you must appoint a Principal Designer as soon as practicable, but until such time the Client will be deemed the Principal Designer.

All projects that last for more than 30 site-working days and have 20 persons or more working on them, or lasting for more than 500 person-days must be notified to the HSE.

As Principle Designers we can:

  • Plan, manage, monitor and co-ordinate the H&S in the pre-construction phase
  • Identify, eliminate and control foreseeable risks
  • Ensure that all other designers carry out their duties under the Regulations and cooperate with others on H&S matters
  • Provide pre-construction information to other duty-holders and liaise with the Principal Contractor to assist with the planning, management, monitoring and co-ordination of the construction phase plan through the development of pre-construction and design information
  • Assist the Client to identify, obtain and collate pre-construction information
  • Prepare the Health & Safety File
  • We also carry the sort of P.I. that your insurers may be demanding

If you need further advice on the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 or would like to discuss appointing unit3 to undertake the Principal Designers role on your project, please contact us here |