Affordable Architecture

Many people we’ve spoken to recently seem to have a preconception that engaging an architect in the building design process is a costly, expensive and perhaps even unnecessary service that is used only by the rich.

You may have an image in your mind of an architect being a stern designer in black turtle neck jumper and black rimmed glasses who will meet you and impose their extravagant flamboyant designs upon you, pushing you into spending your hard-earned cash on their design which you don’t really feel a connection with. You may feel the whole process will be stressful and ultimately very expensive.

This is not the reality. It could be if you wanted to engage a ‘superstar’ architect, but the majority of architects are normal people like you who want to cooperate with their clients to ultimately produce an interesting and practical designs to your set budget.

We are not in the business of exploiting our customers, we want you to tell us exactly what you need and what your aspirations are – and if you are unsure on this, we can help you find them out. Once we has this critical data we can start to produce a design for you – which we will share with you, make changes to, and not stop changing until you are 100% happy and delighted with.

This is where the skill and advantage of using an architect comes into play. We know what layouts work well, what complies with the building regulations and what will make your building beautiful, inspiring and a surprise to you every time you walk through the door.

We can also save you money in the long run, for a well designed building will be energy-efficient, have the most suitable materials specified and have the precise construction details that eliminate those unexpected maintenance issues later on.

So although we do need to charge you for our professional services, by spending a little money at the start on a qualified architect, you will inevitably end up with a better end product that will last for generations and become part of your legacy.

If you have a building idea that you’d like to talk through with an architect at unit3, we’d love to meet you for a free consultation – we even promise to leave the turtle neck at home! |